About Us


Stylist Academy was founded by Jeminee Solanki-Parmar with one goal in mind: to educate people to look and feel their best whatever their size and shape.

It was born out of a real passion to help people transform themselves, both physically and mentally, with the power of style and clothing.

So whether you’re stuck in a rut with wearing the same clothes over and over again, or you feel overwhelmed by the idea of shopping, or you want to create a personal or professional edge, we’d love to help you.



My first exposure to the power of fashion, clothes, and styling came when I was three years old.

I was watching my mum get dressed for a wedding, and over the course of the next half hour, I witnessed her completely transform. It was magical.

Her complete demeanour changed as she began to drape a beautiful sari and adorn herself with jewellery. She was standing taller, immediately had more presence, and her voice even seemed more authoritative.

I was mesmerized. I knew at that moment that something extraordinary had happened, and I wanted to be a part of this.

So I spent all my early years reading fashion magazines, going to shopping centers, and studying fashion and style from all different backgrounds and cultures.

This led me to accumulate 17 years of global fashion experience working with and designing for luxury retail brands such as Selfridges and Louis Vuitton across Hong Kong, Shanghai, Delhi, and Paris.

However, I quickly began to realize towards the end of this period that I’d forgotten why I fell in love with fashion in the first place.

When launching Stylist Academy, we wanted to create a unique, personal and transformative experience for every person that transcended the typical stereotyping, cookie cutter, and ‘boxed’ approach seen across the industry.

It wasn’t to help big brands continue to revolutionize their clothing lines. It was to help individuals transform themselves, both physically and mentally, with the power of style and clothing. I wanted to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Which is why we spend so much time speaking with our clients. It’s not a case of doing a few measurements and shopping accordingly. It’s far deeper. We use psychometric questionnaires to understand who you are, what your personality and lifestyle are, and what your goals are.

This personal touch coupled with our two decades of extensive global fashion experience and qualifications with the Federation of Image Professionals, allows us to create a wardrobe that signifies the best version of you.

Our close relationships with London’s most famous Department stores and in particular Westfield London, where we have exclusive access to the luxurious Westfield Fashion Lounge, means you’ll be able to have a shopping experience of a lifetime!

Life’s too short to wear clothes that don’t make you feel amazing. I want everyone to look and feel their best, every single day!

– Jeminee Solanki-Parmar,
Founder Stylist Academy London