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Wardrobe Detox

We send a professional Stylist to your home for a wardrobe declutter. The results are a tidy and clear wardrobe where you can clearly see your outfits.

Styling Experience

Following our one to one consultaion to understand your style goals, we take you on a VIP shopping experience and style you.

Online Styling

Reap all the benefits of the Personal Shopping Experience but in the comfort of your own home! Once we complete the consultation, we can shop for you and deliver to your home.


Our vision is to make changes to your entire lifestyle. When you look great you feel great. What better gift can you give yourself than that?

Personal Styling

Our services are aimed at Men and Women from 18 and over. All ages and all types of backgrounds.


Stylist Academy London are proud to be one of the official stylists for Westfield London.

Happy Clients

Jeminee helped open a door inside of me to a world and a personal image that had always inspired me but i’d somehow lost connection with. I am now energised and thrilled with my new image and way of being. The clothes and shoes we chose elevated me to a positive, high flying look, but I have also gained new upright posture, a happy, smiling, laughing face, with a lot to give. I felt completely secure and taken care of by Jeminee, her professionalism and personable nature meant I could relax and enjoy myself throughout the whole process, from heartfelt discussion to the shopping, and the finished result. I cried, I laughed, and I had a lot of fun. A styling session with Jeminee I would say is not a luxury, but a necessity

Victoria Lambah-Stoate

It was a true pleasure to meet Jeminee and have her as my style guru for the day! I was nervous and was not sure what to expect but she put me at ease straight away with her warmth and a great smile. She takes time to truly listen to people and find out about their story and thereafter helps them to move forward with their journey. I had an awesome time and have had compliments on all the outfits she has recommended. I would love to work with her again in the future. Thank you Jeminee!


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