Love Yourself, Be a Rebel

As I browse through my Insta I notice all the images of flawless men and women and think less and less of myself. In todays SELFIE obsessed world where people use filters, fillers and botox to make themselves ‘perfect’ its easy to compare yourself and start criticise every flaw.

I look at my children and think, if I continue to criticise myself, they will emulate what I do and do the same. It’s easy to compare and criticise and in the UK it’s almost the culture to be ‘play down’ our talents and always be ‘modest.

Imagine how different our world and environment would be if we were taught to LOVE ourselves instead. I said to my daughter imagine a glass that has no water, and your sister wants to share some? How will you share if the glass is empty? This analogy is just like you if you don’t love yourself, how can you love others?

Loving yourself is not narcissism or egotistical its a necessity for your own mental well being. I have studied a lot of personal development and spoken to many psychiatrists, so much is down to SELF LOVE.

So be kind to yourself, love yourself and be a rebel 😀 xxx

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Love Yourself, Be a Rebel

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