My Why?

Finding your WHY is the Biggest Reason your business can succeed or Fail. If your WHY is not big enough, nothing else will motivate you.

My why is more than one reason but you can read on my About page my very first memory of WHY I wanted to work as a stylist and help people transform themselves. Its not just about shopping its the confidence my customers feel once they have experienced my service.

I have been studying fashion and styling since college and worked in two of the world’s most renowned luxury brands; Louis Vuitton and Selfridges. Working in the industry and studying body shapes and styles of clothes has enabled me to see how clothes can enhance your figure and body shape.

After having my second child I noticed my body shape change significantly. I could no longer fit into my jeans and I just did not feel like myself. I suffered from Postnatal depression and felt like I had completely lost my identity. I spent all of my twenties working and traveling and lived in seven countries, working my way up from a graduate designer to Senior Designer managing a team of six. My career was my baby and then all of a sudden I was responsible for two little humans. My world had changed and I loved my children dearly but felt like a totally different person. From being so independent to becoming a;

  • Mum
  • Wife
  • Daughter
  • Daughter in law
  • Sister
  • Sister in law
  • Me?

My family responsibilities had changed and I was having an identity crisis. I went to see a friend of mine who is a psychiatrist and told her how I was feeling. She nodded and listened, she said the main reason for PND (postnatal depression) and depression, in general, is because of loss of identity.

I listed all the things that used to make me feel great and I remembered; getting ready for work. I thought well just because the perception of a mum is to be frumpy with baby sick in my hair and clothes does not mean that I have to fit that stereotype! I decided to give myself a makeover and make the most of my new body shape.

I started with a clear out of my cupboards and getting rid of anything that didn’t make me feel great. Then I headed to the shops and bought items that were comfortable and practical for my mum duties and also make me look and feel great.

I feel like mums carry a lot of guilt around for spending any time or effort on themselves. But if you are not happy then your family is affected by your state of mind. The transformation I carried out for myself made me feel great and I know it benefitted not only me but my entire family.

I had compliments every time I met with my friends and noticed that other mums were feeling the same. I knew I wanted to help others to look and feel great about themselves as well, so I set up Stylist Academy London, to Transform your life, not just your wardrobe.

Just to clarify I don’t only work with mums, we also work with business professionals both male and female and people of all ages.

I just wanted to share my journey and passion with you.

If you are struggling to find your why then make a list of the things you love doing in your life and see how you can make this your profession.

With Love and gratitude

Jeminee xxx

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My Why?

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