Online Styling

Reap all the benefits of the Personal Shopping Experience but in the comfort of your own home! Once we complete the consultation, we can shop for you.

This is a unique, concierge service where we can transform your wardrobe without even stepping into a shopping center!

Here’s how it works

Step1 - Consultation

Shop at the comfort of your own home! This option is proving popular with clients outside of London and around the world. Also with mums and busy professionals who do not have the time to physically go to the shops.

This can take place via Skype, zoom or FaceTime. We would go through the questionnaire and consultation.

Step2 - Body Shape Analysis

You would be given instructions during the call on how to measure yourself and email these results to us so that we can create the looks you are after.

Step3 - Shop for your Style

Within 48 Hours after the consultation, you will receive 2 layouts of outfits that will enhance your body shape and instructions to purchase.

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