We believe every individual has their own aspirations, a unique personality, and more importantly, their own story to tell.

Which is why we’re so strongly against the growing number of generic, ‘one size fits all’ stylist programs available on the Internet and in shopping centers now.

Personal styling is so much more than simply measuring you up and shopping accordingly. At Stylist Academy we spend an inordinate amount of time learning all about you.

Here’s how it works

Step1 - Consultation

Once we have your booking confirmed you will receive an initial questionnaire, some simple questions to understand your needs so that we can pre-plan your day.

On the day, we’ll speak for 30 minutes and go through some psychometric assessments to understand more about your values, personality, and goals.

Once we’ve received your questionnaire, we’ll create the plan for your experience and speak to the stores ahead of time to have everything ready to try, so we’re maximizing your time shopping.

Step2 - Body Shape Analysis

We measure you up to determine what your body shape is. This is essential to understand what types of clothes to pick so that we can enhance your figure to its full potential and help you to look like the best version of you.

Step3 - Shop for your Style

Simply relax and follow the stylist as she leads the way to the stores that have already been preplanned for you. Using our knowledge and expertise we will carefully select items of clothing according to the results of your questionnaire and your body shape so that we can help to enhance your figure and help you look and feel amazing! All we ask from you is to be open minded and trust that the stylist will understand your needs. Our aim is to introduce you to a whole new way of thinking and selecting outfits that you would not have thought of wearing before whilst still representing who you are and making you look great.


*Consultation and Body Shape analysis are not necessary if you have already booked a wardrobe detox within six months of the booking as we already have this information. So this time would be used for shopping allowing you more time in the shops!

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